What People are Saying

HEARR has been an essential and lifesaving partner in the Scottsville community. From Covid outreach and protection, to water testing, to community organizing, the HEARR team makes Scottsville healthier and stronger for the future.                                                                                --Matt Lawless, Administrator Town of Scottsville

Health Equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Let’s remember, equally important to health are the places we live, work, play and pray. Striving for this outcome is the best gift we can give our family and friends. As a Community Health Worker and knowing the importance of Health Equity, being able to collaborate with the HEARR organization is crucial in having that partnership of working together to get the needed services and resources out to our communities. 
                                                                                         --Willie Mae Gray, Community Health Worker BRHD

The Virginia Household Water Quality Program is a Virginia Cooperative Extension effort that offers water testing and education to Virginians who rely on private wells and springs for their drinking water.  We were fortunate to partner with HEARR in 2019-2021 to reach participants and offer subsidized water testing and support in understanding test results in Nelson, Albemarle, Buckingham and Fluvanna counties.  With HEARR, we work with researchers at UVA to understand patterns of water quality problems in the focus area.  HEARR is an incredible group of passionate and informed people focused on health equity and access.

--Erin Ling, M.S. Sr. Extension Associate and Program Coordinator


As the Director of a new Community Health Worker program, I have gotten to work closely with the HEARR organization over the past year. The mission of HEARR to alleviate health access disparities for their rural region is an urgent one, and I'm glad that HEARR stepped up to the plate. From providing pandemic supplies locally to hosting community-building events to lobbying the healthcare system for more focused attention, HEARR is walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Their dedication to their own community is so impressive--it's rare to find this degree of organized neighbor-to-neighbor support these days. The Scottesville/Esmont area is so lucky to have this organization working on its behalf for the good of all its residents. They are a model of what small communities can do for one another. 

--Betsy Peyton, Director of WellAWARE Neighborhood Healthcare Advocates